How does Bliss Coaching work?

We use conversation to identify your emotional obstacles, aspirations and any themes that may be holding you back from leading a fulfilling and happy life. The process is designed to inspire, empower, support and challenge you. You will embark on a journey of self-discovery, in a safe, professional and confidential environment.



Phase 1 – Exploration and Focus

Development of trust and respect are the basis of the coaching relationship. Once established, this provides a safe environment and relationship to create a coaching plan, holistically explore and clarify your current situation, identify core issues and beliefs, create new beliefs, achieve a sense of direction and commence the process of personal change and accelerate growth.

Phase 2 – Experience and Reflection

This phase involves the exploration of desired future options, development of plans, goals, a sense of purpose and a vision of what can be achieved to further and deepen the process of personal change, growth and achievement.

Phase3 – Integration and Evaluation

Finally, it’s essential to integrate the achieved changes and plans into daily life for ongoing success and a happy work/life balance. This phase includes reviewing and reflecting on what has been achieved from commencement of the coaching plan.


Is Bliss Coaching Psychology right for you?

We offer a free half hour appointment for you to meet with Pamela Hay and discuss your coaching options with Bliss.

For your coaching to be a success, It’s important that both you and Pamela will be comfortable working together.

If you decide not to go ahead, you will not be charged for the initial session.

If you want to proceed we offer a range of programmes to suit your personal requirements.


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