What is Coaching Psychology?

Coaching Psychology is a highly regarded cutting-edge approach to psychology. It gives people professional support to create happier, more successful and satisfying lives.

Unlike traditional Psychologists, Coaching Psychologists are non-judgmental. They do not presume that they are the expert who knows what’s best for their clients. Neither do they give advice in the traditional sense.

Instead, good Coaching Psychology combines the art and science of psychology in a practical, down to earth way that supports clients to create their own success at work and in life.

Rather than providing a highly-structured regimen, with a specific set of answers, Coaching Psychologists help their clients to set their own path for personal success in life and at work.

Coaching Psychologists constructively challenge the common beliefs and assumptions clients make that prevent them from reaching their full potential, and support them as they identify a different path to follow.

Compassionate exploration of the clients’ past choices is used to inspire better decision making and a sense of empowerment that results in future happiness and success.


Positive psychology tools and methods

Bliss Coaching Psychology employs positive psychology tools and processes that get to the ‘heart and soul’ of core issues to enable healing and fundamental change.

Bliss Coaching supports individuals to get real, embrace and accept their current situation, enabling them to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours. This process creates a deep understanding of who we are and how our behaviour, choices and decisions in life affect us and those around us. This enables people to see things from a different perspective, for enhanced compassion and self-acceptance.

The purpose of all positive psychology tools and processes are to support and inspire individuals to recognise and embrace their uniqueness and integrate into wholeness and wellbeing.


An organic approach to coaching

Working with a structure is extremely limiting and restricting. To ensure we get to the heart of the challenges in your life, it’s more effective to take an organic, tailored approach.

With an organic approach, we can address whatever is going on in the moment, and discuss whatever’s on your mind. This provides a richer experience, where you are able to freely express and connect with what’s important and relevant to you.


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