Bliss Couples Coaching

Ready to take your relationship to a new level? Talk to us about Bliss Relationship Coaching

If you wish your relationship was the way it used to be, but you’re not sure how to change it, don’t give up! Recapture the magic and make it last, with Bliss.


Relationship Coaching – How it works

Bliss Couples Coaching works to heal and strengthen your relationship with your partner, for a sustainable, enjoyable and loving life together.

We’ll work closely with you and your partner in a tailored approach that addresses your specific wants and needs, so you can enjoy the benefits of coaching faster.

All Bliss programmes take a positive approach to psychology, so you’ll feel more and more empowered after every session.Your programme will develop organically in response to your personal needs and goals.


Enhance your relationship in 8 ways

1. Improve your emotional expression and communication.
2. Dissolve anger and resentment.
3. Learn to confidently share your thoughts and feelings.
4. Take responsibility for your own happiness and well-being.
5. Create healthy boundaries, space and ‘room to breathe’.
6. Understand your partner’s reality without losing your own sense of self.
7. Feel secure and stable in your relationship.
8. Build quality, healthy, lasting relationships.


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Case Study

How Bliss turned a rocky relationship into a happy marriage.

Situation before Bliss Couples Coaching

When this couple came to Bliss for help their two year relationship had all but ended.

They were both impulsive, instinctive people prone to making rash decisions. Fundamentally, they had a great relationship with similar values and goals in life, but like many people, when it came to communicating how they really felt, they struggled. WIthout being able to effectively communicate, issues that arose couldn’t be resolved.

Adding to this, a sense of uncertainty about the future of the relationship created insecurity for both of them. This impacted negatively on their relationship. Day by day it wore them down until they felt like it was too hard to get back on track.

Situation after Bliss Couples Coaching

With Bliss, the couple spent time working through their individual issues until they could recognise what they were contributing to the dynamics of their relationship.

By understanding their emotions, they could communicate how they felt. This allowed them to set a solid foundation for a strong and successful life together.

With the building blocks they were given, and the self-awareness they developed, their relationship has blossomed.

Today, they are married with one young child, and excited about their future together.