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Achieve your business aspirations
with Bliss Professional Coaching

Investing in yourself is the best business investment you can make.

Bliss Professional Coaching will help you tap into your unique talents and strengths to cultivate and accelerate your personal and professional development.


How it works

Bliss Professional Coaching works on your relationships at work. We’ll help you use effective, confident communication to engage the attention of your staff or colleagues, drive productivity and make people regard you in a whole new way.

We’ll work closely with you in a tailored approach that addresses your specific challenges, so you can enjoy the benefits of coaching faster.

All Bliss programmes take a positive approach to psychology, so you’ll feel more and more empowered after every session.Your programme will develop organically in response to your personal and professional needs and goals.


Enhance your professional performance in 8 ways

1. Achieve a healthy work-life balance.
2. Understand and utilise your core strengths.
3. Develop more functional and rewarding relationships.
4. Maintain happier work relationships through effective communication.
5. Tap into your unique talents and abilities.
6. Identify and implement key values both personally and professionally.
7. Increase the productivity of your staff.
8. Improve talent retention.


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Case Study

How Bliss transformed a business

Situation before Bliss Professional Coaching

The owner and director of a successful Auckland business was only coping one day at a time both personally and professionally when he called Bliss.

He had recently bought out his business partner, and due to the resulting management changes, the company was in a negative transitional period.

People were unclear on how they fitted into the new business model, and the dynamics between staff had suffered. It was as if a new ‘pecking order’ needed to be found. As a result, morale was low and the previously fun workplace was now stressful.

Situation after Bliss Professional Coaching

Bliss helped the director and management staff identify their personal and professional core values, giving them focus, alignment and direction.

With a clear focus and refreshed future goals, the director felt more ‘centered’ and in control of his life. The director became better at articulating his business goals, vision and strategies. And as communication improved throughout the business, staff also became clearer on their roles.

As a result, staff are now enthusiastic about the director’s ideas and have taken ownership of them. The business is now back on track, and staff are positive about the future. The director believes that Bliss Professional Coaching played a key role in getting them through this difficult transitional period.