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On New Year’s Eve, or when your birthday rolls around, do you feel like another year has passed without you achieving the things you wanted to? Don’t let another year go by. Make this year the first of many amazing years to come.


How it works

Bliss Life Coaching will help you forge a healthy relationship with yourself, for improved confidence, emotional well-being and renewed passion for life.

We’ll work closely with you to identify the core issues, beliefs and self-destructive patterns that keep you stuck, so you can choose and create new beliefs that bring to fruition what you really want.

All Bliss programmes take a positive approach to psychology, so you’ll feel more and more empowered after every session.Your programme will develop organically in response to your personal needs and goals.


Enhance your life in 8 ways:

1. Gain clarity regarding your life purpose, direction and goals.
2. Learn to let go of stress, anxiety and depression.
3. Develop healthy self-esteem, confidence, inner strength and resilience.
4. Nurture and grow emotional well-being and self-awareness
5. Learn to communicate assertively and effectively
6. Embrace your uniqueness and live life wholeheartedly.
7. Develop healthy and harmonious relationships
8. Enjoy a sense of fresh energy, vitality and purpose.


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Case Study

How Bliss changed a woman’s anger into empowerment

Situation before Bliss Life Coaching

A female client came to Bliss due to a pervasive sense of failure and anger. She was being controlled by life, and she felt like a victim with no choice.

She had previously come to an important crossroads in her life that had required a prompt decision. At the time, she thought she’d chosen the right decision, but in retrospect realised she was in denial. She was disappointed her dreams had not come to fruition and her hard work was not paying off.

Underneath it all she felt trapped, drained of energy, unhappy and stressed, leading a life with little joy or purpose. She realised she had to find the courage to face what was going on in her life. Fortunately, a colleague recommended Bliss Life Coaching.

Situation after Bliss Life Coaching

We worked to identify the core of the issue, and she began to realise what was really bothering her. She wasn’t being true to herself, or what she really wanted out of life.

This understanding allowed her the freedom to explore what was really important to her.

Identifying her key values gave her insight into what motivated her, and allowed her to integrate them into her daily life, so she could make decisions from a stable base.

With heightened self-awareness and confidence she is now able to prevent old patterns reemerging. By bringing restored balance to her life she feels contented with more energy and purpose. She is now in charge of who she is, and who she wants to be.